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devoted to the philately of the united nations.
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united nations conference stamp listing

year first day country scott # agency conference conference dates conference city
197021-jan india508 itu11th plenary assembly, ccir21 jan-11 feb 1970new delhi
19706-apr finland493 unescosymposium on "lenin and the development of science, culture and education"6-10 apr 1970tampere
197015-jul finland494 iaeanuclear data conference15-19 jun 1970helsinki
197017-aug japan1040 un4th un congress on the prevention of crime and treatment of offenders17-26 aug 1970kyoto
197012-sep pakistan296 fao10th fao regional conference for the near east12-22 sep 1972islamabad
197021-sep hungary2035 fao7th fao regional conference for europe21-26 sep 1970budapest
197023-nov philippines1078 upuupu-aopu regional seminar23 nov-5 dec 1970manila
197111-feb chile400,c310 unicefunicef executive committee20-31 may 1969santiago
197111-mar switzerland529 ituworld administrative conference on space telecommunications7 jun-17 jul 1971geneva
197126-jun afghanistan846-7 unescointernational kouchani seminarkabul
19714-dec iran1635 ilo7th ilo asian regional conference4-15 dec 1971teheran
197228-jan ethiopia609-612 unsecurity council session28 jan-4 feb 1972addis ababa
197213-apr chile418-421 unctad3rd unctad13 apr-19 may 1972santiago
19725-jun sweden933-935 unun conference on human environment5-12 jun 1972stockholm
19729-sep kuwait557-559 fao11th fao regional conference for the near east9-19 sep 1972kuwait
197214-sep denmark508 who22nd meeting, who regional committee for europe18-22 sep 1972copenhagen
19723-oct mexicoc406 iaea16th iaea conference26 sep-3 oct 1972mexico city
197214-oct argentina978 fao7th world forestry congress4-18 oct 1972buenos aires
197224-oct egypt925 who14th regional tuberculosis conferencecairo
19721-nov ethiopia637-639 unsecurity council session28 jan-4 feb 1972addis ababa
197316-mar panama541-543, c402 unsecurity council session15-21 mar 1973panama city
197315-may philippines1191-1194 unesco1st third world theater festival19-30 nov 1971manila
197314-sep spain1772 ituitu plenipotentiary conference14 sep-26 oct 1973torremolinos
197324-sep kenya, tanzania & uganda267-270, 270a world bank imf28th world bank imf annual meetings24-28 sep 1973nairobi
197428-mar switzerland589-590 upu17th universal postal congress22 may-4 jul 1974lausanne
197415-jun bulgaria2192 unesco94th unesco executive board session27-28 jun 1974varna
197420-jun venezuela1062-1065 un3rd un conference on the law of the sea20 jun-29 aug 1974caracas
197425-jun romania2502, stamped envelope unworld population conference19-30 aug 1974bucharest
1974 ecuadorss ituseminar on rural telecommunicationsquito
197423-oct mauritius408 fao8th fao regional conference for africa1-17 aug 1974rose hill
197512-mar peruc419 unido2nd unido general conference12-26 mar 1975lima
197512-may spain1887 unwto1st general assembly, world tourism organizationmay 1975madrid
197519-jun mexicoc465 uninternational conference for international women's year19 jun-2 jul 1975mexico city
197524-oct egypt993 whointernational conference on schistomiasis18-25 oct 1975cairo
19766-jan senegal418 uninternational conference on human rights and namibia5-8 jan 1976dakar
197612-may canada690 unun conference on human settlements31 may-11 jun 1976vancouver
197621-sep brazil1475 iaea20th iaea general conference21-27 sep 1976rio de janeiro
19764-oct philippines1301-1302 world bank imf31st world bank imf annual meetings4-8 oct 1976manila
197719-mar argentina1142 unun water conference14-25 mar 1977mar del plata
197728-sep czechoslovakia2135 unescocongress of international music councilprague & bratislava
197729-nov monaco1089 unepun mediterranean environmental protection group29 nov-6 dec 1977monte carlo
19786-mar germanypostal card unun conference on the carriage of goods by sea6-31 mar 1978hamburg
19782-sep argentina1194 unun conference on technical cooperation among developing countries30 aug-12 sep 1978buenos aires
19786-sep russiastamped envelope who/ unicefinternational conference on primary health care6-12 sep 1978alma-ata
197816-oct indonesia1029-1030 fao8th world forestry congress16-28 oct 1978djakarta
197821-oct brazil1582-1587 upu18th universal postal congress12 sep-26 oct 1979rio de janeiro
197920-mar brazil1602-1607 upu18th universal postal congress12 sep-26 oct 1979rio de janeiro
197918-apr netherlands antilles437-439, 439a who12th inter-american meeting at the ministerial level on foot and mouth disease and zoonosis control17-20 apr 1979curacao
19793-may philippines1401-1402 unctad5th unctad7 may-1 jun 1979manila
19795-jun brazil1613-1615 upu18th universal postal congress12 sep-26 oct 1979rio de janeiro
197920-aug austria1128 unun conference on science and technology for development20-31 aug 1979vienna
197912-sep brazil1627-1631 upu18th universal postal congress12 sep-26 oct 1979rio de janeiro
19791-oct yugoslavia1441-1442 world bank imf34th world bank imf annual meetings2-5 oct 1979belgrade
197928-aug sri lanka560 unfpainternational conference of parlimentarians on population and development28 aug-1 sep 1979colombo
19794-dec india833 iaea23rd iaea general conference4-10 dec 1979new delhi
197911-dec bolivia648 ecla18th session, economic commission for latin america18-26 apr 1979la paz