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united nations conference stamp listing

year first day country scott # agency conference conference dates conference city
196031-jan morocco35 eca2nd session, eca26 jan-6 feb 1960tangier
196016-aug denmark378 whosession, regional committee for europe16-20 aug 1960copenhagen
196029-aug united states1156 fao5th world forestry congress29 aug-9 sep 1960seattle
196021-nov viet nam144-145 fao5th fao regional conference for asia and far east21-30 nov 1960saigon
196110-apr iran1169-1170 unescointernational congress of musicteheran
196115-may yugoslavia596 iaeainternational conference on nuclear electronics15-20 may 1961belgrade
196118-sep austria667 world bank imfworld bank imf annual meetings18-22 sep 1961vienna
196222-jan senegal210 ituregional plan commission for africa22 jan-2 feb 1962dakar
19623-sep madagascar333 unescoconference on higher education in africa and madagascar3-12 sep 1962tananarive
19624-sep iran1207-1208 ecafe2nd ecafe symposium on the development of petroleum resources of asia and the far east1-5 sep 1962teheran
196210-oct south korea375 fao10th session, indo-pacific fisheries council10-25 oct 1962seoul
19625-nov new caledonia322 wmo3rd session, wmo region v association5-17 nov 1962noumea
19634-feb switzerland7o38-39 unun conference on the application of science and technology for development4-20 feb 1963geneva
19634-jun united states1231 faoworld food congress4-18 jun 1963washington
196321-aug italy878-879 unun conference on international tourism and travel21 aug-5 sep 1963rome
196326-aug papua new guineaaerogram who14th meeting, who western pacific regional committee5-10 sep 1963port moresby
19642-mar iran1282 ecafe20th session, ecafe2-17 mar 1964teheran
196414-apr malta298-299 faoanti-brucellosis congress8-13 jun 1964valletta
196412-may afghanistan678 unun human rights seminarmay 1964kabul
196415-jun austria729-736 upu15th universal postal congress29 may-11 jul 1964vienna
1964 austria4 postal cards upu15th universal postal congress29 may-11 jul 1964vienna
1964 austria4 postal cards upu15th universal postal congress29 may-11 jul 1964vienna
19647-sep japan820 world bank imfworld bank imf annual meetings7-11 sep 1964tokyo
196426-oct ecuador720-721, c727-428, c428a faofao banana conferenceoct-nov 1964quito
196416-nov iran1308-1309 unun petrochemical conference and gas seminarnov-dec 1964teheran
19651-mar iran1317-1318 un18th session un commission on the status of women1-18 mar 1965teheran
19658-sep iran1346-1350 unescoworld congress on the eradication of illiteracy8-19 sep 1965teheran
196514-sep switzerland471-472 ituitu plenipotentiary conference14 sep-12 nov 1965montreux
196521-sep japan848 iaea9th iaea general conference21-28 sep 1965tokyo
196521-oct bulgaria1422 unesco1st balkan film festivalvarna
196527-dec iraq393-395 fao2nd international dates conferencedec 1965baghdad
196623-feb russia3150 unesco2nd international oceanographic congress30 may-9 jun 1966moscow
196630-may hungary1767 unesco172nd session, executive council30-31 may 1966budapest
19668-jun spain1363 fao6th world forestry congress6-18 jun 1966madrid
196626-aug bulgaria1516 unesco1st congress of balkanologistssofia
196612-sep tunisia464-466, 466a unesco2nd un regional cartographic conference for africa14-24 sep 1966tunis
196610-oct kuwait335-336 faofao fisheries conference of the near east countries10-15 oct 1966kuwait
19662-dec cuba1173-1175 unescointernational leisure time & recreation seminar (cuban national commission for unesco)
196725-sep brazil1058 world bank imfworld bank imf annual meetings25-29 sep 1967rio de janeiro
196713-oct colombia772-773, c495-497, c496a upu9th management council, consultative committee on postal studies11-27 oct 1967bogota
196715-nov mexicoc332 itu2nd ccitt/ccir world plan commission30 oct-15 nov 1967mexico city
196729-nov greece904 unidointernational symposium on industrial development29 nov-20 dec 1967athens
19681-feb india463 unctad2nd unctad1 feb-29 mar 1968new delhi
196817-apr australiaaerogram ecafe24th session, ecafe17-30 apr 1968canberra
19685-may iran1474 uninternational conference on human rights22 apr-13 may 1968teheran
196829-aug malaysia53-55 unctadnatural rubber conference27 aug-5 sep 1968kuala lumpur
196830-jun russia3483-3484, stamped envelope upusession, consultative committee on postal studies20 sep-5 oct 1968moscow
196819-oct argentina865, c113-4 itu4th plenary assembly, ccitt23 sep-25 oct 1968mar del plata
196821-oct malta394-396 fao6th fao regional conference for europe28-31 oct 1968paola
196915-apr singapore96-98 ecafe25th session, ecafe15-28 apr 1969singapore
196910-jun switzerland3o103 ilo53rd session, international labor conference (visit of pope)4-26 jun 1969geneva
19691-oct japan1012-1015 upu16th universal postal congress1 oct-14 nov 1969tokyo