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United Nations Philatelists Inc. - Home Page
The United Nations Philatelists, Inc. is an organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration, the postal history of the United Nations, the issues and postal history of its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners, as well as the world-wide topical issues that call attention to the United Nations, its agencies and programs.

In support of these activities UNPI issues a bi-monthly journal "The Journal of United Nations Philatelists", which is typically twenty-four pages long and keeps members informed about United Nations philately, including club activities and meetings, on-going research in and new items of philatelic interest to United Nations philatelists.

The Journal - Table of Contents for the current issue:
Volume 42, Number 3, June 2017, Whole Number 238
Article Title
UN EXPO '19 Update1
International Day of Happiness, "The Smurfs2
2017 Endangered Species2
Club News2
Greetings from Reno, by Greg Galletti3
AmeriStamp Reno Exhibit Team Winners, Title Pages5
AmeriStamp Reno, Other Exhibit Winners6
St. Louis Stamp Expo Exhibit Winner6
Dr. John D. Long, Travelling Representative of Pan American Sanitary Office, By B. Clement, Jr.7
The America Philatelic Research Library, United NationsHoldings, By Greg Galletti10
The United Nations Headquarters Exhibit, Sixth Edition By Greg Galletti11
The Leticia Incident, Part 2, by Fran Adams14
International Lead and Tin Study Group, By B. Clement, Jr.18
12th Pan American Sanitary Conference, Caracas, 1947,Addendum, By B. Clement, Jr.20
UNPI Special Auction #44, Report20
UNPI Special Auction #4621
Cover Illustrations
2017 Endangered Species Stamps Issued May 11, 2017Front cover
"Smurf" International Day of Happiness Special Event Sheets issued March 20, 2017Rear cover