United Nations Conference Stamp Listing

Year First Day Country Scott # Agency Conference Conference Dates Conference City
198021-Jan India851 UNIDO3rd UNIDO General Conference21 Jan-8 Feb 1980New Delhi
198023-Mar Argentina1261 ITURegional Administrative Conference on Broadcasting by Hectometric Waves for Area 210-29 Mar 1980Buenos Aires
19805-May Denmark663 UNWorld Conference of the UN Decade for Women14-30 Jul 1980Copenhagen
198020-Sep Libya871-872 UNESCOSchool Scientific Exhibition20-24 Sep 1980
198023-Sep Yugoslavia1503 UNESCO21st UNESCO General Conference23 Sep-28 Oct 1980Belgrade
198027-Sep Philippines1484-1485 UNWTOWorld Tourism Conference27 Sep-10 Oct 1980Manila
198122-Sep South Korea1273 WHO32nd Meeting, WHO Regional Committee for Western Pacific22-28 Sep 1981Seoul
198121-Oct AustraliaStamped envelope UNESCO5th Session, World Heritage Committee26-30 Oct 1981Sydney
198127-Oct China1721-1722 UNAsian Conference of Parliamentarians on Population and Development27-30 Oct 1981Beijing
198129-Oct Uruguay1113 UNEPUNEP Senior Level Meeting on Environmental Law28 Oct-6 Nov 1981Montevideo
19814-Nov Yugoslavia1552 WIPOWIPO/SPATU Technology ConferenceBelgrade
198227-Apr Swaziland403-404 WHO1st International Conference on Smoking and Health - Africa25-29 Apr 1982
198212-May Finland670 World Bank IMFIMF-World Bank Joint Development Committee Meeting12-14 May 1982Helsinki
198211-Jun UN-Vienna25 UN2nd UN Conference on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space9-21 Aug 1982Vienna
19829-Aug Austria1219 UN2nd UN Conference on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space9-21 Aug 1982Vienna
198221-Oct Kenya234-237 ITUITU Plenipotentiary Conference28 Sep-5 Nov 1982Nairobi
19832-Mar Egypt1211 UN5th UN Regional Cartographic Conference for Africa28 Feb-7 Mar 1983Cairo
19836-Jun Yugoslavia1633 UNCTAD6th UNCTAD6 Jun-3 Jul 1983Belgrade
19832-Sep Russia5175 UNESCO4th Session of Council, International Programme for the Development of Communication5-12 Sept 1983Taschkent, Uzbeck USSR
19833-Oct India1031 UNWTO5th General Assembly, World Tourism OrganizationOct 1983New Delhi
198419-Jun West Germany1420 UPU19th Universal Postal Congress18 Jun-27 Jul 1984Hamburg
198416-Jul Japan1565 UNESCOWorld Congress of UNESCO Clubs and Associations16-24 Jul 1984Sendai
19846-Aug Mexico1 v UN2nd International Conference on Population6-13 Aug 1984Mexico City
198411-Aug Argentina1472 FAO18th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America6-15 Aug 1984Buenos Aires
19851-Jul Mexico1392a FAO9th World Forestry Congress1-10 Jul 1985Mexico City
19859-Jul Bulgaria3072 UNWTO6th General Assembly, World Tourism OrganizationSep 1985Sofia
198515-Jul Kenya341-344 UNWorld Conference to Review and Appraise the Achievements of the UN Decade for Women15-26 Jul 1985Nairobi
198526-Aug Italy1644 UN7th UN Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders26 Aug- 6 Sep 1985Milan
19859-Sep RussiaStamped envelope UNESCO2nd International Symposium on Plants and Oxygen Stress9-13 Sep 1985Moscow
19858-Oct South Korea1443 World Bank IMFWorld Bank IMF Annual Meetings8-11 Oct 1985Seoul
198525-Sep Bulgaria3101 UNESCO23rd General Conference8 Oct-12 Nov 1985Sofia
19858-Oct Bulgaria3102, Stamped envelope UNESCO23rd General Conference8 Oct-12 Nov 1985Sofia
198625-Apr Cameroun810-811 ECA21st Session ECA & 12th ECA Conference of Ministers14-21 Apr. 1986Yaounde
198611-Sep RussiaStamped envelope UNESCOInternational Symposium on Ivan Franko and the World Culture11-15 Sep 1986Lviv, Ukraine
198615-Sep Uruguay1221 GATTMeeting of GATT Contracting Parties at the Ministerial Level15-19 Sep 1986Punta del Este
198616-Sep Kenya380-383 ITUAfrica TELECOM 8616-23 Sep 1986Nairobi
198826-Jan Bangladesh305-306 IFADSeminar on Agricultural Loans for Rural Women
198816-May Brazil2134 ITUAmericas TELECOM 88Rio de Janiero
198822-Aug Poland2862-2863 FAO16th FAO Regional Conference for Europe22-26 Aug 1988Krakow
198811-Aug West Berlin9N572 World Bank IMFWorld Bank IMF Annual Meetings27-29 Sep 1988West Berlin
198814-Nov AustraliaStamped envelope ITU9th Plenary Assembly, CCITT and World Administrative Telephone & Telegraph Conference14-25 Nov 1988 and 28 Nov-9 Dec 1988Melbourne
1988 RussiaStamped envelope UNESCO2nd International Conference of Ministers & Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education & Sport21-25 Nov 1988Moscow
198928-Apr ColombiaC803 UN12th Session, UN Commission on Human Settlements24 Apr - 3 May 1989Cartagena de Indias
198923-May France2154 ITUITU Plenipotentiary Conference23 May-29 Jun 1989Nice
198911-Sep Uruguay1290 FAO8th Session FAO Intergovernmental Group on Citrus Fruit11-15 Sep 1989Montevideo
19899-Oct RussiaStamped envelope WFUNA32nd Plenary Assembly, World Federation of United Nations Associations (NGO)9-14 Oct 1989Moscow
198919-Nov United States2434-2437 UPU20th Universal Postal Congress13 Nov-14 Dec 1989Washington
198924-Nov United StatesC126 UPU20th Universal Postal Congress13 Nov-14 Dec 1989Washington
198927-Nov United States2438 UPU20th Universal Postal Congress13 Nov-14 Dec 1989Washington
198928-Nov United StatesC122-C125 UPU20th Universal Postal Congress13 Nov-14 Dec 1989Washington
19891-Dec United StatesUX139-UX142 UPU20th Universal Postal Congress13 Nov-14 Dec 1989Washington