United Nations Conference Stamp Listing

Year First Day Country Scott # Agency Conference Conference Dates Conference City
195022-May Italy533-534 UNESCO5th UNESCO General Conference22 May-17 Jun 1950Florence
195015-Jul Italy538-539 ITU2nd International High Frequency Radio Conference4 Apr -19 Aug 1950Florence and Rapallo
19502-Oct Dominican Republic444-445, C77 WHO13th Pan American Sanitary Conference2-7 Oct 1950Ciudad Trijillo
195017-Oct Turkey1034-1036 ICAO2nd ICAO Middle East Regional Air Navigation Meeting17 Oct-7 Nov 1950Istanbul
19513-Dec Turkey1054a UN, FAO, World BankUN Training Course on Agricultural Development for Mediterranean CountriesOct. - Dec. 1951Ankara
19523-Jan Turkey1051-1054 UN, FAO, World BankUN Training Course on Agricultural Development for Mediterranean CountriesOct. - Dec. 1951Ankara
19516-Nov France671-672 UN6th UN General Assembly6 Nov 1952-8 Feb 1952Paris
195230-Apr Brazil720 ILO5th ILO Regional Conference for the Americas17-29 Apr 1952Petropolis
195214-May Belgium407-417, B514 UPU13th Universal Postal Congress14 May-11 Jul 1952Brussels
195229-Sep Italy611 ICAODiplomatic Conference on International Air Law9 Sep-6 Oct 1952Rome
195223-Oct Philippines578-579 FAO4th Meeting, Indo-Pacific Fisheries Council23 Oct-7 Nov 1952Quezon City
195230-Oct Colombia610, C220 ECLA1st Conference on Iron & Steel Industry in Latin AmericaOct. 1952Bogota
19528-Dec SyriaC169-172 UNUN Social Welfare Seminar8-20 Dec 1952Damascus
195210-Dec Liberia338-340, C70, 340a, C70a WHO2nd Meeeting, WHO Regional Committee for Africa31 Jul-7 Aug 1952Monrovia
195329-Jun Belgium2v, Overprinted tabs UNESCOInternational Conference on the Role and Place of Music in the Education of Young People and Young Adults29 Jun-9 Jul 1953Brussels
195430-Apr Argentina622-624 ITUITU Plenipotentiary Conference10 Oct-22 Dec 1952Buenos Aires
195424-May Chile288 WHO14th Pan-American Sanitary Conference7-22 Oct 1954Santiago
195411-Dec India253 FAO4th World Forestry Congress11-22 Dec 1954Dehra Dun
195512-Sep Turkey1171-1174 World Bank IMFWorld Bank IMF Annual Meetings12-16 Sep 1955Istanbul
19566-Apr Dominican Republic469-470, C95 ICAO3rd Caribbean ICAO Air Navigation Conference3-24 Apr 1956Ciudad Trujillo
195620-Sep Iran1051 WHO6th WHO Regional Conference for Eastern Medierranean19-25 Sep 1956Teheran
195722-May Bolivia403-407, C197-201 ECLA7th Session, ECLA15-29 May 1957La Paz
195714-Aug Canada371-372 UPU14th Universal Postal Congress14 Aug-3 Oct 1957Ottawa
195722-Oct Iran1080 UNUN Seminar on Topographical Mapping as a Means of Economic Development14-24 Oct 1957Teheran
19585-Mar Malaya85-86 ECAFE14th Session, ECAFE5-15 Mar 1958Kuala Lumpur
195825-Aug Switzerland369 UN2nd UN Conference on the Peaceful Uses olf Atomic Energy1-14 Sep 1958Geneva
195810-Dec Syria (UAR)14, C14 FAO4th FAO Near East Regional Conference10-20 Dec 1958Damascus
195829-Dec EthiopiaC60-C63 ECA1st Session, ECA29 Dec 1958-6 Jan 1959Addis Ababa
195919-May Panama425-426, C218-221, C221a ECLA8th Session, ECLA14-23 May 1959Panama City
19597-Sep Mexico906 ECOSOC27th Session, Economic and Social Council7-24 Apr 1959Mexico City
19592-Nov Japan684 GATT15th Session, Contracting Parties to GATT26 Oct-20 Nov 1959Tokyo
195918-Nov Philippines807-808 UNWTO14th General Assembly, International Union of Official Travel Organizations (UNWTO Predecessor)18-26 Nov 1959Manila
19595-Dec Libya183-185 FAO1st International Dates Conference5-11 Dec 1959Tripoli