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United Nations

United Nations Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, CA, April 25- June 26, 1945

Official Conference Post Card

Printed message about tickets to Conference

Back of card, San Francisco, CA postmark, May 18, 1945

Connolly & Kolb Post Card

Golden Gate Bridge, Globe, Flags

Back of card, Message about conference, San Francisco postmark, May ?, 1945
(Color has been darkened to allow reading of very lightly written message.)


UN General Assembly, Second Session, Lake Success, NY, September 16 - November 29, 1947

Official United Nations Post Card

The Admission of Pakistan and Yemen to the UN at the General Assembly Session on September 30, 1947.

Back of Card, #1714 Published by UN Department of Public Information.


UN General Assembly, First Part of Third Session, Paris, France, September 21 - December 12, 1948

Red Cross Post Cards

Palais des Chaillot, Eiffel Tower, UN Flag, Wreath, "Opening of Conference"

Back of Card, Assembly machine cancel, September 21,1948
Printed Address to Red Cross, Numbered, "Tirage:2000" in black

Back of Card, Assembly hand cancel, October 15, 1948, Assembly Registry Label
No printed address, No number, "Tirage:2000" in red
(Front of Card same as above)

"Closing of Conference", Same card, Overprinted
Assembly hand cancel, December 11, 1948


UN General Assembly, Eighth Session, New York, NY, USA, September 15 - December 9, 1953

UN Official Post Card

President Eisenhower speaking before plenary session, December 8, 1953. Presiding was
Madame Pandit of India. Secretary-General Hammarskjold is seated to her right.

Back of Card,Mailed to Germany, Flushing, NY postmark, February 25, 1957