Show Photos from BALPEX 2019

Blanton Clement, Jr., Tony Dewey and Larry Fillion at the Exhibitor's Dinner

Greg Galletti with "His Favorite Page"

Larry Fillion and Blanton Clement, Jr. at a Brew Pub

Larry Fillion at the BALPEX Sign

Blanton Clement, Jr. at his Exhibit "UN Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, 1945"

Tony Dewey at his Exhibit "The United Nations Precancel, 1952-1958"

Larry Fillion at his Exhibit "Canal Zone's 1962 Anti-Malaria Airmail Stamp and its First Day Covers"

Greg Galletti at his Exhibit "Great Britain and the League of Nations"

Blanton Clement, Jr. at his Exhibit "Ninth UPU Congress, London, 1929"