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You are invited to become a member of United Nations Philatelists, Inc. (UNPI). UNPI is an organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study, and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration, the postal history of the UN, the issues and postal history of its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners, as well as world-wide topical issues that call attention to the UN, its agencies and programs.

Members receive the Journal of the United Nations Philatelists six times a year. In addition to UNPA news, the Journal carries features, articles, and columns on postal history, meters, military mail, stamps and reprints, first days and other subjects. Starting in 2013, the Journal is printed in full color. Periodic auctions allow members to buy and sell UN material.

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One year: Foreign dues are $50 ($52) 18 months: Foreign dues are $75 ($79)

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Two years: Canada dues are $70 ($73) 30 months: Canada dues are $87.50 ($91.50)
Two years: Foreign dues are $100 ($105) 30 months: Foreign dues are $125 ($131)

Three years: Electronic Only dues $54 ($56)
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Three years: Canada dues are $105 ($110)
Three years: Foreign dues are $150 ($157)

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*If you want to send U.S. funds by mail, please use the Printable Version