UN Conference Post Cards

This project attempts to list all Post Cards issued in conjunction with Conferences and Meetings of the United Nations, its Agencies, and its Predecessors. A Post Card is a unstamped card with a Picture (Front) side and a Message (Back) side. In order to qualify for this listing:

1. The card was issued contemporaneously with the conference, not months or years later. This is not always easy to determine. A publishing date, or a postmark, is the best way.

2. The card can be issued by a commercial organization, by the conference secretariat, by the organization holding the conference, by the host government, and other related organizations. The listing should indicate the issuer if known.

3. The card should specifically refer to the conference.

4. Maximum cards or similar cards issued specifically for use as a first day card for a stamp honoring the conference, are included only if they contain a specific reference to the conference.

5. UN Geneva "Blue Cards", UN Vienna "White Cards", and similar UN-New York Cards will be included if they have the proper format and include a stamped or printed cachet for a conference.

6. Cards which are in the form of a cacheted cover, with a cachet and space for addresss and stamp on one side, and the other side blank, or nearly so, are not included.

7. The listing may include early conferences related to UN, League, or Agency objectives, but held prior to their existence, without a direct link to the subsequent organization.

In documenting these cards, it is desirable to show an example mailed from the particular conference. However, mint cards, or cards mailed from other post offices, are listed if the conference usage is not available.

Postal cards, which are issued with a printed stamp, are not listed. These are included in the project "UN Conference Stamps".

The following links connect with the listings for specific organization conferences:

League of Nations - LON

United Nations - UN

Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - GATT

International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA

International Civil Aviation Organization- ICAO

International Labor Organization - ILO

International Telecommunications Union - ITU

UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO

Universal Postal Union - UPU

World Meteorological Organization- WMO

World Trade Organization - WTO

If you have a unlisted post card which may fit the criteria, please submit to bclemjr@yahoo.com. If your information is used, you will receive credit.

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