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un-related meter and permit slogans used in the united states-commercial, philatelic, and ngo's

the following listing is an attempt to list all slogan meters and permits used in the united states with slogans related to the united nations, its agencies, and its programs. excluded are meters and permits used officially by the un or its agencies. also excluded are slogans in which the only un reference is to an address, such as united nations plaza.

included are some world war ii era slogans referring to "united nations week". these are not strictly un-related, but the "united nations" name of the allies did serve as the basis for naming the united nations.

the listing attempts to list all such slogans alphabetically, documenting city of use, meter or permit number, earliest and latest date of use, colors, and users. where possible, images are provided of the meter or permit, and the corner card of the user.

where more than one user is known, a separate listing is made. where different corner cards of the same user are known, only one listing is made. where the user is shown as unknown, it is suspected, in many cases, that the use was philatelic. other philatelic uses include several stamp shows, such as compex and interpex.

this listing is only a beginning, and your help is requested to fill in the gaps. if you have information on unlisted slogans, cities, device numbers, colors, or users, earlier or later dates of use, or have better images available, please provide that information to bclemjunior@gmail.com. color images would be most helpful to document your information.

download as a spreadsheet.
item # slogan city device # earliest observed date latest observed date color user
1international cooperation year symbol-no text new york, nypb 327960 2/16/19662/16/1966redthe community church
meter image
corner card image
2upu symbol 1874 1974 berwyn, ilpb 183272 5/25/19745/25/1974redcompex
meter image
a1.allmanna post uniones congres buenos aires 1939 stamford, ctpb 000000 3/28/19393/28/1939redspecimen
meter image
a2.ama-iydp international year of disabled persons chicago, ilpermit 2655 19811981redamerican medical association
meter image
corner card image