AMERISTAMP EXPO will have a 1-Frame team competition in 2006

The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE) annual show, AMERISTAMP EXPO, has a reputation for innovation and creativity, and the 2006 show scheduled for Toronto April 7-9 will give exhibitors a new challenge.

In addition to the 1-Frame Championship, 1-Frame open competition, and categories for Display, Thematic, Illustrated Mail, Charity/Postcard/Cinderella, and Postcard exhibits, the 2006 show has added a 1-Frame team competition.

Team competition will involve five individuals with each entering a 1-Frame exhibit. Three of the exhibits must be new, that is, they must not have been shown at any national or international level show. Exhibits, moreover, must all be of different types, such as traditional, special studies, revenue, thematic, or display.

Scoring will use the standard single-frame score sheet used at national level shows. Team exhibits will be judged in the regular 1-Frame class and will be eligible for all applicable individual awards. The team winner will be determined by the highest aggregate score among all the teams. Any group of five can get together to form a team. Show organizers are hoping for at least 10 teams.

Exhibitors for the team competition will submit applications in the normal manner to the show committee. Teams must register with team competition co-ordinator Tony Dewey, 157 Warrenton Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105-3931 or < >.

Application forms and prospectus are available at or from Peter Butler, 143 Glenmore Road, Toronto, ON M4L 3M2; telephone: 416-690-4666; < >.

The 2006 AMERISTAMP EXPO will be held in conjunction with the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association (CSDA) annual spring show at the Queen Elizabeth Building on the Canadian National Exhibition grounds.

Since 1999, the AAPE held AMERISTAMP EXPO during the American Philatelic Society winter show, but the APS has cancelled its winter event in favour of the international FIP show in Washington May 27- June 3, 2006. A co-ordinated effort by The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (RPSC), the Greater Toronto Association Philatelic Alliance and the CSDA assured the Toronto site.

Charles J.G. Verge, President of The RPSC says “the team competition is a great idea that will be fun and exciting for all participants.” 

Information on The RPSC is available by e-mail: < > or by visiting the Society’s website at < > or call 416-979-8874.

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For more information contact:
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