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League of Nations

A.2 Second Assembly, Geneva, 5 Sept - 5 Oct. 1921

Jaeger Post Cards

1. Justice, Ile J.J. Rousseau et Pont du Mont-Blanc

Back of cards

2. Justice, Le Palais des Nations

3. Justice, Le Palais des Nations

4. Justice, Quai du Mont-Blanc et vue sur la ville

5. Justice, Pont du Mont-Blanc et vue sur la ville

6. Justice, Bureau International du Travail


A.18 Eighteenth Assembly, Geneva, 13 Sept - 6 Oct. 1937

Assembly in Session, Presided over by S.A. L'Aga Khan

Back of Card, SdN Geneve Oval Imprint (by Bookshop) 8 Sept 38
Roto-Sadag Geneve. 67.Editions S.D.N. Geneve


C.11 11th Session of League of Nations Council, Geneva, November 14, 1920

First Session of Council of League of Nations at Geneva, November 14, 1920
Phot. F.H. Jullien

Back of card, Grav. & Imp. SADAG, Geneve
Postmarked Geneva Exp. Lettr., January 9, 1921