Exhibit Awards
Grand and Reserve Grand Awards are being designed/purchased and will be coming soon!

American Philatelic Society
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- Pre-1900 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- 1900-1940 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- 1940-1980 Material
Medal and Ribbon of Excellence- Post-1980 Material
Medal and Ribbon for Research Excellence
Award Criteria

American Topical Association
First Award- minimum National Bronze (medal and ribbon)
Second Award (medal and ribbon)
Third Award (medal and ribbon)
Youth Award- minimum 3 exhibitors (medal and ribbon)
One Frame Merit Ribbon (not shown)
Award Criteria

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
Award of Honor- Excellence in Presentation Not Winning a Gold Medal (2- cloisonné pin)
Creativity in Philatelic Exhibiting Award (gold pin) Award Criteria
Plan and Headings Excellence Award (magnifier dome and ribbon) Award Criteria
Novice Award - Best Exhibit of a First Time Exhibitor (not shown - AAPE year membership and exhibiting book) Award Criteria
AAPE Youth Grand - winner enters AAPE’s Youth "Champion of Champions" (certificate and ribbon)
Youth First, Second and Third Best Exhibits Awards (ribbons) Award Criteria

United Nations Philatelists, Inc (UNPI)
Gold, Silver, and Bronze
Award Criteria

Malaria Philatelist International
First, Second, and Third Place
Ribbon and Metal Art Mosquito
Award Criteria

Women Exhibitors
Sterling Achievement Award Merit for Any Exhibit in Philatelic/Subject Knowledge, Material or Treatment Winning a National Bronze, Silver-Bronze or Silver (pin)
Award Criteria

American First Day Cover Society
Best Exhibit of First Day Covers with 75%
or more FDC Material minimum 2 entries (plaque)
Award Criteria

American Philatelic Congress
Excellence in Written Text
(Congress Book)
Award Criteria

Auxiliary Markings Club
Best Exhibit of Auxiliary Markings
Winning a National Silver or Higher
Award Criteria